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The Next Generation UCC

The future of work is mobile and digital. As repeated analyses of Digital Workspace Leaders show that sticking with old ways of working means losing out on productivity gains, higher employee engagement levels, and even financial rewards [*] , organizations must rebuild technology, processes, and culture around this new reality - and do so quickly.

[*]Oxford Economics 2017. Building the Digital Workspace, a global study of the ways maturing mobile technology and changing approaches to work are affecting organizations of all types.

The Opportunity

According to IDC's U.S. Enterprise Communications Survey on Unified Communications and Collaboration in 2017, the top UCC priorities for organizations over the next three years are improving business processes (43.4%), lowering TCO (42.2%), and providing access for mobile and remote employees (38.9%). IDC is also seeing growing interest among organizations in embedding business processes and applications with communications.

What we provide

IndiHub is a Smart Workplace designed around the activities of employees, and it connects them to business processes using internet of things, big data analytics, and smart agent enabling relevant information securely available to relevant employees anytime, anywhere.

Embedding business processes into a single mobile workflow application to provide a fully integrated unified communication and collaboration tool for organizations and implementing roboboss to help organization reach their goals.
  • *  Smart Attendance
    •     *  Auto Arrival detection, Late, Absence, and Leaving detection.
  • *  Smart Contextual Collaboration
    •     *  Meeting Invitation and Minutes of Meeting
    •     *  Work Assignment
    •     *  Progress Monitoring and Alertt
    •     *  Overtime and Leave Request
    •     *  Cash Request and Disbursement
    •     *  Contextual Auto-Tagging
    •     *  Context-based Costing
  • *  Smart Communication
    •     *  Live Video Broadcast, Screen Sharing, Whiteboard
    •     *  Unified Call (VoIP and Video Conferencing, Mobile Extension, GSM Call)
    •     *  Conference Room with Moderation
    •     *  Unified Messaging (Email, SMS, Instant Messaging)
Providing Digital Form through an intuitive mobile interface, and routing the Form based on the user-defined workflow.
  • * Digital Form submission, reviews and approvals
  • * Capture Digital Form entries based on location & date
  • * Assign work items based on Digital Form submissions
  • * Push notifications to approve or reject Digital Form
  • * View, approve, reject, and reroute Digital Form
  • * User-defined Workflow for approval process
  • * Work summary to ensure that resources are accurately accounted and billed
Providing organization with a powerful, flexible directory services for searching and exploring Company Directories, Services, and People. Easily search offices, departments, and employees within the organization and view the relevant information.
  • * Organization Structure and Membership
  • * Contextual Discussion Forum
  • * User-Defined Group & Discussion Forum
IndiHub provides electronic payment features which will enable the organizations to make payments and cash disbursements through ATM. Organizations may use this feature to extend the cash disbursement process, and at same time simplify expense submissions and approvals.
Corporate Video provides audio-visual corporate communication materials (including video and digital document) commissioned primarily for use by a companies, corporations or organizations. The corporate video is intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and viewed only by a limited or targeted audience. This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos. Organization has full control of the news, event, and advertisement content to be displayed on their mobile device by selecting the source from various publication directories, so the audience will get precisely the information relevant for them.
Provides user with services that enable them to locate a person, or to find people within the community against specific location criteria using location information as part of authentication and authorization, and to generate events based on location. IndiHub extends the HR systems to capture employee attendance and location automatically. Employees will be able to submit the overtime request form, leave request form, expense approval request form, and various company submission forms using their mobile device. Based on the workflow defined by the company, IndiHub will automatically route the digital submission form to the relevant party for review and approval. Supervisors and Managers will receive notifications on their mobile device so that the review and approval process can be done on the go using their mobile device.

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